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The Queen of Kings a blended history thriller

​A one-of-a-kind artifact found deep below a waterfront fortress is a sure-bet lead to Cleopatra's lost mausoleum. But when a diver finds an identical twin buried beneath

the Nile 500 miles away, archaeologist Frank Morgan, sent to investigate, is blindsided. The diver is his estranged brother, Charley. When Frank reports Charley's startling discovery to an eminent British tomb hunter, the Morgan brothers are propelled into the mercenary underworld of Egyptian antiquities. Tangled pawns in the revelation of an ancient conspiracy, Frank and Charley must shed their bitter differences and trace a deadly path to save Egypt's greatest discovery since Tutankhamun.

​​"Some discoveries are best forgotten.  But then, some refuse to let you. "    


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The Queen of Kings, Egyptian Mysteries, Historical Mysteries, Austin Haynes

The Queen of Kings is the first book in a series of historical mystery, action adventure books available for preview and purchase at and Barnes & Nobel using the buy buttons above. Preview and purchase the second book in the series at the "Ironclad Gold" page link in the menu.

​​© 2017 by Austin Haynes

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