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Austin Haynes, author of The Queen of Kings and Ironclad Gold in Navy SCUBA gear



Austin Haynes is a veteran navy petty officer with 25 years SCUBA and hardhat diving experience. His childhood heroes included Sea Hunt star, Lloyd Bridges, and famed ocean explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau.


He has dived cliffs, caves, wrecks, and reefs in seven seas including the Mediterranean and Red seas. During his navy career, he performed hull maintenance and screw changes on nuclear submarines and large ships; and provided air recompression chamber services to medical patients and the local dive community.

Austin Haynes is a passionate student of Civil War maritime history, and Civil War reenactor. A former resident of the Old North State, he currently calls South Florida home with his wife, Patty, drumming up more ocean archaeology adventures for the growing Morgan family.

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