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Ironclad Gold   a blended history thriller

When his best friend dies pursuing a mythical warship in a North Carolina marsh, Qeb Morgan, a prodigious doctoral student and famed savior of Cleopatra's tomb, is horrified. But after a mysterious sister his friend never mentioned insists her brother was murdered and begs him to finish her brother’s work, Qeb faces an odious choice: refuse her and finish his PhD dream; or lose everything chasing his dead friend’s crazy fantasy. The haunting journal of a Civil War sailor and a sunken blockade runner bearing an unexplainable cargo quickly urge that the myth is real, making Qeb’s only choice clear. Except that nothing could have braced him for the love, the lies, and the treachery that await him. 


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Ironclad Gold is the second book in a series of historical mystery, action adventure books available for preview and purchase at and Barnes & Nobel using the buy  buttons above. Preview and purchase the first book in the series at the Queen of Kings  page link in the menu.

​​© 2017 by Austin Haynes

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